Brief history

DH Mining was born in Mexico competitive in 2008 as a company of human capital services, throughout its existence has witnessed important changes in the life of the sectors for which service is provided. It has contributed objectively by presenting the best services from the Mining, Oil and Manufacturing sectors. Over the years we have known the expectations of national and foreign companies where each organization always wants to obtain the best candidates and options in training and development of personnel.


Mexican company with an international network of experts, we offer a comprehensive approach to global solutions, composed with the knowledge and experience of business and industry to support our clients to remain in the market anywhere in the world.
Committed to the Mining, Oil and Domestic and Foreign Manufacturing sectors, focusing as well as the strategic partner that provides solutions at the required moment with the intensity and guarantee of 11 years providing profitable solutions.


Generate value in the activities of our clients through our services as suppliers of the most valuable element, a human resource with knowledge and highly trained.


To be leaders offering the best human capital services, creating an alliance based on trust for the efficient service that our multidisciplinary team offers under a high standard of quality, safety and legality in the processes.


-Dedication and customer service
- Focus on results.
-Responsibility and respect.